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How Do You Journal?

Journaling As a Self Care Tool


Journaling can help you assess a situation, moments, or aid in the development of an idea or future stage of life. Journaling is also said to help in controlling one's struggle with anxiety, depression, or stress. Generally, journaling offers emotional well-being, mental/emotional clarification, stress reduction and problem solving.

There are several forms of journaling such as Bullet Journaling, Gratitude, Reflective, Free Writing, Art/Doodle, Food Focused and Dream to name a few.

Taking time to reset or reflect is key to self-care. I like to gather my thoughts down on paper. It could be about a specific mood, what happened that week or a moment of reflection. Whether starting with an affirmation or a prompt, it's a great way to get started if you are just beginning to journal for the first time or need some quick inspiration.

Here's a boost of confidence and/or direction to get you started!

Happy Writing!

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