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"Learn to love YOU so that you can be open to loving YOUR LIFE more."

Kia Brooks, Founder & Creator

Relax Relate Reclaim

Mental Health & Wellness Services believes that everyone is capable of finding their source of JOY.


Kia L. Brooks
B.A, M.EdC

Ms. Kia L. Brooks is the founder and creator of the mental health space and company Relax, Relate, Reclaim, LLC. As a retired educator, certified trauma and resilience, family life counselor and wellness coach, Kia is dedicated to the education and healing of self and community.




3 - 9 month programs

By using therapeutic strategies and interventions, we will help you achieve your personalized goals and overcome your mental health barriers.

yoga practice platform

KiMoves is an Asana practice platform that incorporates mindful movements and intentional inspiration for your daily practice.

Mind This.

BreatheWork & Meditation

Take charge now! It's time to release the stress of your life, find your motivation, and learn new methods to cope and thrive!


A Manifesting Power Play!


Boosting Your Memory and Mindfulness to boot.

Start your journaling journey with me!


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